10 Supernatural Stars Who Are Sweethearts (And 4 Who Aren't)

BY BRITT POTEET Jun 08, 2018

From Screen Rant

Ruth Connell

Like a lot of fellow cast members, she engages in a lot of charity work.

Ruth Connell has joined the ranks of fan-favorite female characters since her appearance in season ten. She’s so loved that when she was supposedly cut off the show, fans threatened to stop watching the show.

Of course, the beloved witch came back and viewers get to continue enjoying her witty comments and impressive magic. While Rowena can be pretty wicked, Connell is the furthest thing from a witch.

The actress has never been anything but sweet. In an interview, she said “we all have our moments, but I try to be kind.” This kindness is shown to the fans she meets at conventions as well as donating to good causes in her personal life.

She teamed up with the charity My Hope Chest to sell different merchandise. All proceeds went to help the survivors of breast cancer receive reconstructive surgery.

She also has a daily mantra to live by: gratitude. The actress says that she always treats other people the same way she would want to be treated. Someone who tries to live by that daily has to be incredibly sweet, even if the character she portrays doesn’t always treat people in the nicest way.

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